FFP: fresh frozen plasma


The liquid portion of the blood, separated and frozen within 8 hours of collection

It comes in 250ml bags, and it contains pretty much all the factors:

  • Factor VII of the EXTRINSIC pathway (so, it decreases your PT)
  • Factors XI and IX of the INTRINSIC pathway (so, it decreases your aPTT)
  • Factors X and II (Prothrombin) of the COMMON pathway (so, it decreases both PT and aPTT)

Thus, it replaces all of the factors which go missing in warfarin therapy or Vitamin-K deficient liver disease. Unfortunately, there isn't much factor VIII.
Its solubility is too low at low temperatures, and FFP (once thawed) doesn't contain enough of it.


For details of reversal of anticoagulation, I direct you all to the NHMRC guidelines:

Clinical practice guidelines on the use of blood components (2001)