The fraction of FFP which loses its solubility at cold temperatures

Separated by slowly thawing FFP to about 6 degrees, and then centrifuging away all the plasma.

20-50ml bags of it contain:
  • Factors VIII of the INTRINSIC pathway (so, it decreases your aPTT)
  • Fibrinogen
  • Von Willebrands factor is also supplied, seeing as it is bound to Factor VIII in circulation

When reversing warfarin, FFP is generally reserved for situations when the prothrominex is not readily available.

The usual dose is 150-300ml.

The maximum dose - reserved for severe warfarin-related bleeding, and when prothrombinex is not available - is 15ml/kg.


For details of reversal of anticoagulation, I direct you all to the NHMRC guidelines:

Clinical practice guidelines on the use of blood components (2001)