Canonical Reading Material for the Exam Candidate

Oh's Intensive Care manual: the whole Part Ten can be referenced here (Infections and Immune Disorders). I suppose specifically one might want to read Chapter 72, Principles of antibiotic use by Jeffrey Lipman (p.738) and Chapter 73, Tropical diseases by Ramachandran Sivakumar and Michael E Pelly (p. 743). This is perhaps the one situation where the Manual forms an essential part of one's exam preparation.

The complete reading list from Oh's:

  • Chapter 54  (pp. 597)  Meningitis  and  encephalomyelitis by Angus  M  Kennedy
  • Chapter 55  (pp. 607)  Tetanus by Jeffrey  Lipman
  • Chapter 67 (pp. 703)  Host  defence  mechanisms  and  immunodeficiency  disorders by Steven  McGloughlin  and  Alexander  A  Padiglione
  •  Chapter 68  (pp. 710) HIV  and  acquired  immunodeficiency  syndrome  by Alexander  A  Padiglione  and  Steve  McGloughlin
  •  Chapter 69  (pp. 716)  Severe  sepsis by A  Raffaele  De  Gaudio
  •  Chapter 70  (pp. 724)  Nosocomial  infections by James  Hatcher  and  Rishi  H-P  Dhillon
  • Chapter 71   (pp. 733) Severe  soft-tissue  infections by Ilker  Uçkay,  Hugo  Sax,  Pierre  Hoffmeyer,  Daniel  Lew  and  Didier  Pittet
  • Chapter 72  (pp. 738)  Principles  of  antibiotic  use  by Jeffrey  Lipman
  • Chapter 73  (pp. 743) Tropical  diseases  by Ramachandran  Sivakumar  and  Michael  E  Pelly

Summaries and discussions of infectious disease topics from Life in the Fast Lane are made available as a list of links in the Resources section.