Self-advancing nasojejunal "Tiger" tube

This is the so-called "Tiger Tube". Cook Medical have a nice propaganda poster about it. Also, somewhere else on this site is a brief summary of the routes of enteral nutrition. This item is for short term jejunal feeding. It is a 100-150cm long tube, wih soft barbs on it which facilitate its peristaltic advancement into position.


  • Esophageal or gastric varices
  • Bleeding diathesis
  • Obstruction to passage
    Recent nasal, oral, esophageal, or gastric surgery or trauma
  • Ischemic bowel, peritonitis - ileus means no peristalsis

Methods of insertion

  • Advance to 50-70cm
  • Wait 30min
  • Advance another 10cm, and repeat every 30 minutes until a depth of 100cm is achieved.

Safety features

  • 14 French diameter - nice and thick, which prevents clogging
  • Depth markers every 10 cm
  • Multiple side ports, to prevent clogging
  • Stiffening internal cable -for ease of insertion (removed once the position is confirmed)


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