Miscellaneous Topics

Canonical Reading Material for the Exam Candidate

There really is nothing helpful here. Its misc, after all. How can you have "required reading" for misc? Its absurd. Anyway, here are some chapters of Oh's which didn't really fit anywhere else:

Oh's Intensive Care manual:

  • Chapter 4 (pp.27)    Transport  of  critically  ill  patients   by Evan  R  Everest  and  Matthew  R  Hoope
  • Chapter 5 (pp.38)  Physiotherapy  in  intensive  care   by Fiona  H  Moffatt  and  Mandy  O  Jones
  • Chapter 6 (pp.47)   Critical  care  nursing  by John  R  Welch
  • Chapter 8 (pp.61)  Common  problems  after  ICU   by Carl  S  Waldmann  and  Evelyn  Corner
  • Chapter 14  (pp. 107) Preparing  for  examinations  in  intensive  care  medicine  by Carole  Foot  and  Liz  Hickson
  • Chapter 56  (pp. 611) Delirium by Timothy  M  Alce,  Valerie  Page  and  Marcela  P  Vizcaychipi
  • Chapter 89    (pp. 903) Sedation  and  pain  management  in  intensive  care by Luke  E  Torre

As you an see, his topic has become the dumping ground for nonspecific examination techniques, FASTHUG sort of stuff, rehabilitation, and so forth. Summaries and discussions of unsorted miscellaneous topics from Life in the Fast Lane are made available as a disorganised pile of links in the Resources section.