Essential reading for "Sepsis and Infections"

The "Sepsis and Infections" section is a series of annotations and footnotes to Section 2.1.3, by the same name, from the CICM Second Part General Exam Syllabus (First Edition).  They are all L1 conditions and topics, meaning "core areas of clinical practice relevant to intensive care medicine
... considered essential knowledge". 

What follows is an index of helpful review articles that will have an impact in the early stages of preparing for the CICM Part II. The syllabus has an extensive list of what the candidate should be able to do ("for each of the above conditions expected knowledge will include" etc), and these resources should hopefully be able to answer some of these requirements. This list and the local chapters should be a good starting point, but the trainee approaching the summit of their exam preparation should also become very familiar with the trials and guidelines for sepsis and infectious disease.

L1 conditions in "Sepsis and Infections"

Sepsis and Septic shock

Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome

Rarer Infections with specific ICU considerations:

L1 topics  in "Sepsis and Infections"

Antimicrobial use in the ICU


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