This is the index of all my former med school notes - incomplete, inaccurate, and disorganized. They were initially assembled out of my old lecture notes and study materials which I wrote in preparation for exams in second and third year of med school. As far as medical student notes go, they leave much to be desired. Some trivial topics are covered in too much depth, and some important features are either completely omitted or treated with a disdainful superficiality. These immature efforts remain online for reasons I can't quite articulate; their persistence resembles the persistence of mounds of old newspapers in the home of a senile hoarder.
No attempt to update them or add to them will ever again be made.

Dr Louise Wisser had at one stage maintained The Gnome Project, which mirrored these notes. Because these notes were never intended for broad distribution, no attempts were made to reference them. The history and examination notes were summarised from Talley and O'Connor; as for the rest- who knows, but probably Wikipedia has played more of a role in this than I would care to admit. My thanks also go out to Dr Eleanor Curtin, who contributed significantly to this content. The entire collection can be downloaded as a convenient zip file via this link. Additionally, somebody had asked me once to compile them all into one huge uncompressed PDF file. As I recall, the objective was to simplify the printing of the notes. The result was this 88Mb document.